The Story So Far…

My professional practice as an artist/designer is influenced by my studies of mathematics and physics. Surface to volume efficiency and structural rigidity are two characteristics that nature has optimized within crystal lattices. Learning about fractal architectures at a micro scale has inspired me to adapt these geometries to housing, furniture and toy design. At greater scope, I see science and art as valuable tools to be implemented in the much-needed reforms of institutionalized education and societal embodiment. I continue to develop my capabilities as a designer, entrepreneur, and researcher through my academic and professional pursuits, working to demonstrate the viability of interdisciplinary problem solving within the capitalist framework. Producing work for an elite class may be one person’s idea of success, but I think it’s more meaningful to use technology, creativity and collective action to demonstrate an alternative that considers the greater environment, economy and society.


2018 –         MFA Graduate in Interdisciplinary Studies, NSCAD, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Relevant Coursework: Pedagogy, Sensorium Seminar, Research and Creation

2014 –         BA in General Studies, New College: The Honors College of Florida, Sarasota, FL, USA.
Relevant Coursework: Calculus I, II, III. Physics I, II. Crystallography. Sculpture, and Advanced Sculpture.

Speaking Engagements:

2017 –         SSHRC Connection Seminar: Materiality Matters: Struggles with Digital Technology and the (Em)bodi/i(ed). (03/06/17)

2017 –         Science & Art Seminar: NSCAD & Nathan Wilson hosted Dr. Knoll (MSVU) and her B of Ed class for a collection of interactive presentations and workshops regarding the cross applications between science, art, and education. (01/26/17)

2015 –         “Red Man” presentation, Cary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition opening gala. (07/17/15)

2014 –         “Quasi-Periodicity in Sculpture”, NCF Baccalaureate Defense (4/24/14)


2017 –         “Strength in Numbers” Sculpture Commissioned by the State of Florida – Art in Public Spaces Grant: Heiser Natural Sciences Complex, Sarasota, FL

2016 –         Kenny Doren Memorial Grant for Sound Art, Private Donors, Halifax, NS.

2015 –         Exhibition Award, Provided by Cary Visual Art Inc. – “2015 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition”, Cary, NC.  

2014 –         Commission Awarded by Fuzion Dance Artists Inc – “Close Quarters” performance at the Historic Asolo Repertory Theater, Sarasota, FL.


06/2017      “Strength in Numbers”, New College of FL Permanent Collection

04/2017      “Living Lattice II”, Waterfront Place Condominiums, Halifax, NS

07/2013      “Creeping Order”, Bridges Organization Travelling Collection, NL

02/2013      “Polar Drops”, Applied Physics Lab, New College of FL, Sarasota, FL

Performance and Installation Work

2018 –         “The Latest Tech at Garrison” Installation for Nocturne 2018 Festival, Garrison Brewery, Halifax, NS

2017 –         “The Voice of Thousands” Sculpture/Loudspeaker Installation at “Totally Wicked Music Festival 5”, Halifax, NS

2017 –         “Breaking the Chain” Performance, ArtBar + Projects, Halifax, NS

2017 –         “Growing The Square”: Residency and Installation, Port Loggia Gallery, Halifax NS

2015 –         “Red Man” Sculpture Installation at the “IHeartRadio Festival”, Sarasota, FL

2014 –         “Close Quarters” Performance in “Voices of Fuzion” Show, Asolo Repertory Theater, Sarasota FL

2014 –         “Close Quarters” Residency, The Two Columns Gallery, Sarasota FL

2014 –         Black Box Project: Living Lattice (two person installation), Art Center of Sarasota, Sarasota FL

2014 –         “Decagon” Sculpture/Loudspeaker Installation at New College of FL Graduation, Sarasota, FL.

Group Exhibitions

2018 –         The Latest Tech: Thesis Showcase, Anna Leanowens Gallery, Halifax NS

2017 –         Ladder Training: MFA Showcase, Anna Leanowens Gallery, Halifax NS

2017 –         Line, Form & Color, Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota FL

2017 –         Crystallizing Craft, Anna Leanowens Gallery, Halifax NS

2016 –         Mix Masters: MFA Showcase, Anna Leanowens Gallery, Halifax NS

2015 –         SARTQ: Here and Now, State of the Arts Gallery, Sarasota FL

2015 –         CVA’s Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Cary NC

2015 –         Inaugural Exhibition, Galerie Dänknéiss, Sarasota FL

2015 –         I’ll be the Judge, Art Center of Sarasota, Sarasota FL

2015 –         Ringling Underground, Ringling Museum, Sarasota FL

2015 –         Downside, Upside Down, Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center, Sarasota FL

2014 –         Parallel Universes, Art Center of Sarasota, Sarasota FL

Professional Work

01/2018: 11/2018 –             Research and design services under Prof. Angela Henderson, NSCAD, Halifax, NS.
Projects include furniture and toy design

06/2016: 05/2019 –             Bartender and Event Assistant at ArtBar + Projects, Halifax, NS

08/2017: 12/2017 –             TA for “Intermediate Jewelry”, NSCAD 2017. Instructor: R. Hannon

01/2017: 05/2017 –             TA for “Audio Explorations”, NSCAD 2017. Instructor: C. Leonard

07/2016: 12/2016 –             TA for “Science of Sculpture”, NSCAD 2016. Instructor: T. Delva

06/2016: 10/2016 –             Research Assistantship: “301 Barometer Falling” Project by Prof. David Clark, Halifax NS

05/2015: 02/2016 –             Executive Director at Galerie Dänknéiss, Sarasota, FL

08/2013: 05/2014 –             Sculpture Teaching Assistant at New College of FL

05/2011: 01/2014 –             Lifeguard at New College of FL, Sarasota, FL


Nathan J. Wilson: Founder & CEO at Dankwatch LTD.