My name is Nathan Wilson.

Welcome to Dänknéiss Arts!

About me

I am an artist specializing in the field of mathematically inspired art.

Through the creation of each piece, I draw inspiration from natural systems, and strive to synthesize a physical environment that can communicate the elegance I have observed. My most recent sculptures deal with the crystalline properties of quasi-periodicity and recursive growth as I believe these elements expose the graceful duality of complexity and simplicity found throughout nature.

It is through an understanding of the most basic building blocks in our universe that we will advance in the sciences and the arts. It is my hope that continued studies of these disciplines will enable me to make positive contributions to the areas of education, architecture, and technology.


Here are some of my featured works!

Artist Statement

My name is Nathan Wilson, and I am a geometric sculptor working out of Sarasota, FL. In 2008 I began my undergraduate education at New College of Florida with a focus in mathematics, physics, and economics. By the end of my first year I was discouraged by an inability to visualize many of the scientific systems at the foundation of my coursework. My difficulty with visualization and spatial reasoning persisted, and I decided to take a gap year. During my break from college I worked as a laborer under a professional carpenter. When I returned to New College I realized that my work in construction had provided me with the scope and perspective to apply trigonometry and algebra to my natural science studies. With this gained perspective I was able to find new success and direction in my studies of physics and mathematics. I saw the interdisciplinary potential between the arts and sciences and found a way to educate myself in both disciplines through experiments in sculpture. As my studies became more interdisciplinary I naturally gravitated to areas of physics and mathematics that were geometrically correlative. A branch of solid-state physics called crystallography influences my practice the most. I believe crystal systems expose the elegant duality of complexity and simplicity found throughout nature.

Crystallography is an experimental science that explains atomic arrangements within solid metals, alloys, and minerals. These solid objects are held together by a tessellation of atoms, which rigidly maintain their structure through the forces of electromagnetism. I strive to create a physical environment ofobjects that will silently and efficiently communicate the elegance I have observed in nature. Mathematical systems exist independently of human presence and areembedded in our universe. Natural expressions of proportionality and symmetry are not dated to a particular time period and are not confined to or ascribed to a particular set of ideals, making them accessible to vast audiences throughout our planet’s development. Through the discussion of shared perceptive traits, I am inspired to sculpt new works, which transcend or redefine the traditional ways we evaluate time and space. I believe that exposure to more efficient and complex design practices, reflective of our natural world, will comprehensively nourish the average creative and educational foundation of our population. Introduction of physical principles through immersion in a geometrically rich environment can support the much needed paradigm shift in math and science education.

In June 2015 I founded Galerie Dankneiss, a multi-disciplinary showroom located in Towles Court, Sarasota. I structured my gallery as a collaborative workspace sourcing local professional artists aswell as students from Ringling College of Art and Design, and New College of Florida. Our monthly exhibitions featured a broad range of artwork including ceramics, oil painting, graphic art, illustration, sculpture in the mediums of steel, wood, and cardboard, and aquarium design. I generated publicity through local journalistic outlets and funded my gallery for 9 months through donations and sales revenue. I greatly enjoy the process of working with artists and organizations, which possess a broad range of skillsets and perspectives, as I believe this method generates the most interesting and profitable ideas. In May 2016 I was accepted to the Interdisciplinary MFA program at NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia.